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Youth In The Arts Will Continue Fundraising Efforts To Launch A New Corps in The Boston Area





Our Lucky Duck Roundup was cancelled this year because of lack of sufficient response. We thank everyone who did submit entries.

We are going to review the procedures we followed and determine how to imp-rove how to proceed next year.






Uniforms For Sale

In anticipation of a new east Coast Jazz, we have decided that we woud develop a new look for the new corps.

Our current uniformas are for sale. We have over 90 uniforms, some of which have never been worn. They run in sizes from extra large to small. They are washable.

The colors are primarily forest green and white with red trim. Pictures are posted here:


We will sell the unforms as a complete unit for only $50.00 each - Total $4,500.00

These are  ideal for a new band or drum corps unit or for a school with limited funds that wants a new look at a reasonable price.

Contact Tom Chopelas at






Check Your Purchases


Hundreds of stores to choose from. Staples, Target, Apple Store and more......

East coast Jazz earns money from every purchase you make.  You pay nothing extra.








Some things are really worth doing again.

The best way to predict the future is to make the future.


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